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Headcanon: Scarecrow dyed her green. Never knew why. Probably had a reason

… I’m imagining Batman Beyond joker hair green.

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*gives Midnight a small bag of cat nip*





She holds the small bag in awe, a smile stuck on her face. She turns, still smiling, to you. “Youareamazingthankyouuuuuu”

I feel like I’m going to regret this…

Regret it? Nah. She’s gonna bliss out on the floor, too happy too move or something.

…I bet it’s too late to take it back now.

You can try. She might pout a bit, but eh.

Headcanon: She once stared into the scarecrow's eyes too long, and turned white of a week. Every once in a while, she'll do it again, just for a change.

Turn white temporarily? She already does that when she loses one of her nine lives!
When she’s getting the new life, she goes to a default form of a white cat in a gold gown with bright yellow eyes and instead of the moon on her necklace it’s the sun. That critter goes by Eve. Actions are rather robotic. Seen as a sort of reboot mode. (Made this up when I was younger and I kinda wanna play around with the story again.)

also, what do i wear on a lunch outing?

Depends where ya go! Park? Something light and comfy. Don’t wanna be a sweaty mess, do ya? Lunch? A nice, clean version of what you normally wear. (Dress it up, if you want!) Movie? All black. Become the theater ninja. (Kidding~)

The big thing is, wear something you feel comfortable in.

so theres this girl in my lit class, and shes tiny and cute and funny and we've been bonding over like four days now, and we have a "joke" (??) that we're married because we're so perfect for each other, right? but i feel like i might actually fall for this girl. the thing is i have no idea what her preference is. i know she likes men, but i don't know if she likes women. she calls me babe, and bae, and beautiful, but idk if thats just a friend thing or like an us thing, you know?

(Part 2:) i also gave her a quarter machine ring and shes gonna get one for me to represent our “marriage.” i don’t know how to like, ask her if she likes girls or not or when to ask either. also, i told her today that i am totally serious about this dynamic we have and she said she was too, but idk what that means—like what sense. help me. pls. i love u. thank u.
Hm. I’d just bring up your sexuality subtlety. Or flat out ask what her sexuality is, if she’s the type of person you can do that with. If you feel you’ve fallen for her enough that you should ask her out, it’s better knowing her response than never knowing.

Headcannon: she is very skilled in magic but it may... goof up sometimes

She chuckled, “We both do, you dweeb.”

(But of course. But I have an idea that they both goof up together in a manner akin to blowing up a potion’s bottle and the reactions that ensue from said explosion. Basically, falling over each other, scrambling for the door, reciting the well rehearsed line of, “Ohfuckohfuckohfuck”)